We want to reshape the future of digital

But beyond that, we want to change the lives of people who dream of entering the universe of technology.

Our goal is clear: OSF wants to certificate 1,000 people by 2023 through our Salesforce-focused training program, the OSF Academy.

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Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Training Program is aimed at people who want to work with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and expand their knowledge in web programming through exercises applied to the Salesforce platform. Topics covered in the training include Cloud Computing and the Salesforce realm, including Salesforce Commerce B2C, Salesforce Commerce B2B, Salesforce OMS.

During the training you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our team of experts about the fundamentals of Web programming and Salesforce Commerce, giving you the option which way you want to delve further.

Technologies and platforms that you will be in contact with during the training are:

   HTML      CSS      JavaScript      NodeJS  

   Salesforce Commerce Cloud      Github  







  Salesforce Commerce Cloud  



You can choose the path you'd like to take.

Our Program includes two tracks within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

a. Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Back-end developer

b. Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Front-end developer

The program format is the same and the focus is still on the Salesforce platform, but the way you will interact with the platform is different.

For the Back-end course, knowledge of JavaScript and NodeJS will help as there will be exercises using the NodeJS programming language, for example, are part of the backend track.

Those who want to follow the Front-end track will have challenges focused on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, but using programming, styling, and indexing languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The pre-knowledge of these skills will help ease you through the course program.

You will be able to indicate in your application which track you would like to follow and change it until the beginning of the training. Once the classes have started, you will be directed to the challenges related to the chosen track.

Advantages of participating in the OSF Academy

5 weeks of training +
Personalized learning

✓ Weekly process validations and content adjustment according to your feedback

✓ Proprietary learning platform and gamified environment to make studying more fun

✓ Access to the Salesforce platform to practically apply what you learn in theory

✓ Account at Treehouse to access
the contents that are part of the training
Focus on requirements from the job market

✓ OSF Digital Certificate of Program Completion*
‍✓ Get prepared for the Salesforce job market which is estimated to 5.4 million jobs by 2023 ‍
✓ And offer to work at OSF Digital if the opportunity exists at OSF Digital and if you perform well in the program

*Upon assessment made available at the end of the program
Fully online

✓ Study from wherever you want, whenever you want

✓ Participate in Workshops offered remotely

Want to change the future of digital? We can help you at OSF Academy.

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OSF Digital

OSF Digital is a top digital transformation specialist and leading global commerce solutions company and one of the Salesforce’s top partners. We possess expertise in omnichannel integrations, internationalization, and commerce optimization and help brands succeed against the challenges present in the world’s rapidly changing digital environment.

18 +
Years of Experience
Global Locations

Those who work at OSF enjoy an environment full of possibilities.

Here you can:

Work remotely from anywhere in the world
Have a flexible environment with global opportunities
Put the work-life balance in practice
Learn from people from different countries and cultures
Accelerate your career and be recognized for it
Working with various brands including some major global organizations
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This opportunity is for you

Find out what qualities you need to have, but do remember that we are here to help your development, thus we don't ask for previous experiences, just a lot of desire to learn.

Intermediate English
Be over 18 years old
Organization to keep the
study routine up to date
Great desire to learn and enter the Salesforce universe
Communication, to ask for
help whenever needed

Are you ready to transform the future of digital with us?

The selection process is easy, it starts with the form below...
Simply apply and we'll get back to you by email to explain the next steps.
We're really looking forward to hearing from you.



Apply by attaching your
Resume and filling in the form
for Brazil, India or Romania



This is done by email


skills check

Again done by email with
testing platforms


with our HR

Don't worry about this,
we just want to get
to know you better😃


Start of

There's where
all the good
stuff happens



If completed successfully, receive a certificate from us.

Life as an OSF employee

Francine Bergmann

Senior Quality Assurance Lead

“At OSF Digital I had a great increase of my life balance. I had flexibility in my work schedule, and this was essential for me to be able to organize my personal like. I noticed that the global teams are made up of highly qualified professionals, so the exchange of cultural experiences you have is great.”

Sebastien Kints

Project Manager

“One of the main benefits I discovered at OSF is that we have a true freedom in our daily life. We can work from home, we can work from the office, we can also work from our client’s office, and that’s a real pleasure."

Daniel Anechitoaie

Back-End Solution Architect

“When I first joined OSF, it was a pretty small company compared to now.
I started my career path on the ground floor and worked my way up to become a Solution Architect. I really appreciate that OSF is a company that both recognizes and rewards hard work and passion."

Benoit Crouzit

Business Analyst

“I appreciate that OSF is a global companythat has been around for many years. I value the opportunity to work with international clients and collaborate with a team that is driven to achieve solid and consistent results."

What's needed from me?

The key thing is a passion to learn,
and you have a technical background already.
The right mindset is a major element we're looking for.

Secondly - focused time.

The course will require around 150 hours of your time over 5 weeks.
If you have any questions, please ask us, we don't want you to miss out.

This training is currently open for residents in Brazil, India or Romania.
We’ll update here when more countries will be added in the program.

You can specify your preference for the training session in your application, or when you'll be in contact with our HR. These are the next planned sessions in 2022:

Training period: 22 August – 23 September 2022

Training period: 26 September – 28 October 2022

Training period: 31 October – 6 December 2022

The selection process starts 3-4 weeks before the date of each training session.

This program is offered as free training in Brazil and Romania and as a paid training in India.

Don't miss this chance,
to upgrade your skills & to transform
the future of Digital.

Would you like to see more details about OSF Academy - Salesforce Commerce Cloud Training Program? Please check this file with Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) or contact the OSF Digital local office from your country.